Stanley was already dead from the moment he hit start

How many chapters do you think are left for Naruto? If it really ends in october, we should expect at least 5 of them. Are you also getting all the butterflies on your belly when you think it will finally end? Cause I am :D

I AM GETTING REALLY NERVOUS OAO; I kind of can’t wait for it to end and conclude and stuff…but I will probably feel really empty for a while when it ends XD

Hard to say how many chaps are left because the whole Kaguya thing seemed to end really abruptly for my tastes….I’m still waiting for it all to be just some genjutsu thing or what… All I got from the latest chapter was a feeling of uncertainity at how it goes on. I had this “WHAT NOW?” feeling…. I don’t believe they’d brush Kaguya off just like this….or….? Would they? She seemed superpowerful and this somehow feels unfinished..

Also, the new character designs for the LAST project excited me to the max! :D


New character sketches







//This began the rise of Aperture Science.


What if we used this to coat foam cosplay weapons and armor? 

what if i sprayed this on my dick while i was hard. i would have the eternal wood

no… this
is the beginning of Aperture Science

Life goes on And the people sing their song

Life goes on 
And the people sing their song



i found the video


Are you shitting me?





How I pratice drawing things, now in a tutorial form.
The shrimp photo I used is here
Show me your shrimps if you do this uvu 

PS: lots of engrish because foreign 

This is the best art advice ever and you should all listen to it because it’s basically what I’ve been telling people for years.


i was not expecting that to actually work

Reblogging every time this pops up on my dash because this is helpful for everyone .

this is a fine advice - not reasearching things is the same as refusing to fill your treasurechest with as many treasures as they fit into it. The more treasures you fill it with, the richer you become. That treasurechest is your imagination -the more things you properly learn about, the richer your imagination and the more creative and believable your pictures become.









Anybody else remember this episode? In it, a female villain called Femme Fatale is stealing millions of dollars in Susan B. Anthony coins. Naturally, the Powerpuff Girls go to stop her. She then convinces them that men are all horrible because female superheroes aren’t as well known as male superheroes, even asking Blossom to name some to where her only answer is Wonder Woman.

They start acting bitter, refusing to do chores when the Professor asks and even telling the Mayor to save the town himself. Ms. Bellum and Ms. Keane talk to the girls and basically explain that being mean to guys won’t do anything and that isn’t the kind of message feminists should put out.

They proceed to beat up Femme Fatale while giving her a history lesson about Susan B. Anthony, the story where she voted and was found guilty because women couldn’t vote back then, but when the judge wanted to let her off easily because she was a woman, she forced them to take her to jail. The girls handle her and the lesson is that misandry will not stop misogny and we all should just respect each other.

And it fell on Tumblr’s deaf ears.

I dunno… I listened.